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Sunday, November 05, 2006

I need it 4 yesterday - delivery 46

#229- "It's a 300kb .ai file, can I just send it by email?" - "We'd prefer a CD. The boss wants it in hi-res."
(Phone conversation between Designer and Client)

#228- "I want the site to look expensive and cheap at the same time."
(Client briefing)

#227- "I like the design but I think it ‘ll look better stripping all graphical elements, it ‘ll look more web 2.0-ish"
(Agency, Creative Director to Designer)

#226- "I think your gradient background is great but customers will understand a white one better"
(Client to Creative Director)

#225- "I have to present the site you designed this afternoon, can you print them A2 so I can give the client a good feel?"
(Agency, Account Executive to Designer, ignoring the fact that sites are designed 72 dpi)

#224- "I know our logo fucks up your design, but still put it in there. Big bigger than all other graphics"
(Client to Designer)

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Grapplica said...

That's right, working at an advertising agency can be as frustrating as my posts here display. Luckely, here at LG&F we guys are lucky to have belgians most beautyfull women (in advertising) as collegues :) and that dear world is not just my point of view, it is a rumour at competetive agencies.. now that i work here, i can confirm, Yes.. it is true. Thank God there is a God.