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Saturday, January 06, 2007

I need it 4 yesterday - delivery 72

#373- "I thought it best to get the agency started on the project. I met with Al, Todd, Joleen, Mike and some copywriter"
(Client meeting report)

#372- "Can you work up some type of ad. I think we'd probably gain mostly checking and savings accounts as well as loans. So it should be pretty general, but specific."
(Client email to Account Executive)

#371- "The client wants the image moved over a little more" - "Ok, about how many pixels?" - "I don't know what a pixel is. I can only think in inches..."
(Agency, Project Manager to Graphic Designer regarding a simple change)

#370- "I want you to surprise me with something I've never seen before - I want you to invent the wheel, just visually"
(Agency, Creative director to designer finishing a brochure, first week at her new job. Then he left for a party)

#369- "I need the background to be transparent. I have some transparencies that you can scan so you can have a transparent layer in Photoshop."
(Agency, Boss offering help to bewildered designer)

#368- "Man, my head REALLY hurts. This working all day thing is killing me" - "Yeah... but its only 4:30 pm"
(Agency, conversation between Art Director and Copywriter)

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