Heath, The Ultimate Joker

Sunday, October 22, 2006

I need it 4 yesterday - delivery 11

#053- “I just thought an idea I saw in New York.”
(Agency, Executive Creative Director)

#052- “Art Directors are not good for thinking.”
(Agency, same Executive Creative Director)

#051- “The client has to send us the material but it’s 7:30 pm already. Is the FTP still there?” - “What do you mean ‘still there’?” - “Well, it’s late. Maybe he left.”
(Agency, Account Director, consulting a Project Manager)

#050- “I just sent a zip with the creative for the banner.” - “I can’t open it.” - “What version of Flash you have? It’s on Flash MX.” - “We have version 6.” - “Then install the plug in from the Macromedia website.” - “I can’t, the system is protected for security purposes. Let’s do something: Why don’t you just send me the banner by fax?”
(Client, talking with Product Manager)

#049- “In the back of the website, I’d like you to include this little headline.”
(Client, Brand Manager)

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