Heath, The Ultimate Joker

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

I need it 4 yesterday - delivery 7

#033- “And start thinking about some animations for points of purchase.”
(Client, Area Manager, referring to activations)

#032- “Please, take out that name. It’s very unlikely that only people named like that will use this software.”
(Client, Area Manager; the designer used his name as an example in place of the user’s name)

#031- “You didn’t get the mails because they’re way too heavy. These images are around 400 watts.”
(Client, Area Manager)

#030- “You always send me the layouts too late. I will not approve them like this.” - “But we sent them at 2 pm…” - “Yes, but I arrived at the office at 6 pm!”
(Client, Product Manager)

#029- “This is urgent. I need to see the creative now. Put the print ad in a storyboard and that’s it.”
(Client, Marketing Manager)

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