Heath, The Ultimate Joker

Friday, October 20, 2006

I need it 4 yesterday - delivery 9

#043- “The mails aren’t coming. There must be a problem with band broading.”
(Agency, Copywriter, referring to broadband)

#042- “Brief? Why I should I read the brief? Creativity comes from here!”
(Agency, Executive Creative Director, pointing at his intestins)

#041- “I am the client and if I say you have to come here and masturbate me, you have to do it.”
(Client, Marketing Manager, talking to a female Account Executive)

#040- “I want all the agency here right now with Crazy Glue to fix this!”
(Client, same Marketing Manager, when a product display got unstuck)

1 comment:

Naoko said...

I hope she sued that guy to kingdom come for the masturbation comment.