Heath, The Ultimate Joker

Saturday, October 28, 2006

I need it 4 yesterday - delivery 23

#110- “But this campaign is a ‘copy page’ of the previous one!”
(Client, Marketing Manager)

#109- “The thing is, when a logo is in JPEG, it ‘pixelizes’.”
(Client, Marketing Manager)

#108- “But… they placed the sticker backwards!”
(Agency, Account Executive, looking at a transparency from the back side)

#107- “You write to him. Tell him I’m not here.”
(Agency, Designer, asking another one to reply to a client on the MSN Messenger)

#106- “When will the ´brochette´ be ready?”
(Agency, Owner, meaning ´brochure´)

#105- “And now… the ice cake!”
(Agency, same Owner, meaning ´icing on the cake´)

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