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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

I need it 4 yesterday - delivery 16

#076- “What are you doing?” – “I’m conjuring good vibes for today’s presentation.”
(Agency’s owner, answering to an employee who saw him walking around burning incense.)

#075- “I don’t get this estimate. You wrote 4-color printing and I want more colors. With only 4 we’ll get nowhere.”
(Client, Manager)

#074- “Guys! Good news! We have HIV!”
(Agency, Account Director, announcing that a spot would be filmed in HD.)

#073- “You guys do offline work too?” - “No, only web.” - “OK, anyway do everything so we can use it in the Internet and in print too.”
(Agency, Content Coordinator, talking to web designers.)

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AD said...

This one took the cake!

Don't worry about the talent's wardrobe sizes. I don't want to bother them anymore. Besides, there are lot's of places to buy clothes near the location.

Account Exec. to Art Director