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Monday, October 23, 2006

I need it 4 yesterday - delivery 12

#058- “Can you send me the logo?” - “Yes. What size?” - “As big as you can so we can use it for other assignments.” - “How about 70 meters?”
(Agency, conversation between Designer and Account Director)

#057- “I need this color to be the Pantone of the brand.” - “OK. Send it to me.” - “I’ll take a photograph of the ad and send it to you, so you can get it from there.”
(Client, Brand Manager, asking a Designer to do changes in an ad)

#056- “You sent the pictures in low-res and I need them in high-res.” - “True, I did send them in low-res but you have to convert them into high-res. Why don’t you insert the CD in your computer and convert the pictures automatically?”
(Agency, Account Executive)

#055- “Look, I’m really short in imagination.”
(Agency, Creative Director, in a meeting with a photographer)

#054- “Those 83 mechanicals I’ve just asked you, I need them between tonight and tomorrow morning.”
(Agency, Account Executive, talking to the Producer)

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