Heath, The Ultimate Joker

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

I need it 4 yesterday - delivery 15

#072- “Here’s the brief to do the ´screen server´”
(Agency, Account Executive, asking for a screensaver.)

#071- “Did you burn the CDs I asked for?” - “Not yet.” - (sighs) “Some day I’ll have the agency I want.”
(Agency, owner, asking a creative to burn music CDs.)

#070- “Guys, this week it’s your turn to come up with ideas for Channel X. There’s no brief for a brand or product, but they need ideas for sales during the summer. Some possible products: Air conditioner, sun tan lotion, hair and skin care products, ice cream, sodas, mineral water, beer… If you can think of more products, great. There’s not a date set for the presentation, but they want it quickly, so bring ideas on Friday or Monday so we can present on Tuesday or Wednesday.”
(Media, Manager, briefing.)

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