Heath, The Ultimate Joker

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

I need it 4 yesterday - delivery 18

#086- “About the image, let’s use that one but ‘trop’ the woman a little.”
(Client, Marketing Manager, meaning ‘crop’)

#085- “Do I putt the CD in that sort of cupholder thing?”
(Client, Marketing Manager)

#084- “Take out the graphics from the Powerpoint. They make me dizzy.”
(Client, Marketing Manager)

#083- “What a coincidence! I have the same sticker in my computer at home!”
(Agency, Account Executive, pointing at the ViewSonic monitors logo)

#082- “There are no folders in this zip!” - “Did you unzip it properly?” - “Obviously.” - “And where did you create the folder?” - “There are no folders, I’m telling you!” - “How are you unzipping it?” - “Double click on the zip file.” - “No, you have to extract it so it creates the folders…” - “You’re so complicated… Why don’t you just send me the folder?”
(Agency, Account Executive)

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