Heath, The Ultimate Joker

Friday, October 13, 2006

I need it 4 yesterday - delivery 4

#020- “OK, this is the shot of the snail. It takes out its little horns pero it shies away and puts them back in the shell, like in doubt.” - “So the snail acts?” - “Yes!!”
(Agency, Creative Director, discussing a TV spot with the director)

#019- “It’s great, we only need the sound of the gnocchi falling on the plate. Did you get that?”
(Creative, consulting the audio operator)

#018- “Buying the products of the promotion, you participate in the promotion.”
(Agency, Account Executive)

#017- “Look for another, simpler headline. They don’t want too much creativity.”
(Agency, Account Executive)

#016- “The penetration of tampons is approximately 30%.”
(Agency, extracted from a brief)

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