Heath, The Ultimate Joker

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

I need it 4 yesterday - delivery 14

#069- “My son is a graphic designer so minimalism follows me.”
(Client, Marketing Manager, looking at an ad.)

#068- “The copy is too small, enlarge it or put it in bold type.” - “It’s already in bold and this is all the space we can use.” - “Well, if you can’t enlarge the text, enlarge the van.”
(Client, Marketing Manager, exchanging e-mails about the plotting of a van.)

#067- “What if we use those ´pop arts´ or banners from that guy…?”
(Agency, Content Manager, confusing ´pop ups´ with Andy Warhol.)

#066- “Can you print this banner but animated?”
(Agency, Account Executive)

#065- “The Roadrunner… A despicable human being.”
(Agency, Creative Director, talking about the cartoon.)

#064- “It lacks branding but we can solve that with a voice over saying the name of the brand.”
(Agency, Account Director, commenting on a jingle whose lyrics consist entirely of the name of the brand, sung 7 times, and the word “grapefruit” sung 4 times.)

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