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Thursday, November 02, 2006

I need it 4 yesterday - delivery 31

#152- "If you can't tell me exactly what you want the poster to look like, how am I supposed to design it?"
(Design House)

#151- "That's very beautiful. I mean it's huge! Exactly what we need. But we're not ready for it. We're gonna have toot many contact and clients with that website. It's a problem for us. Can we have a break and finish when we'll be a bigger business?"
(Client, about a corporate website)

#150- "So you have two breaks on your bike! Whats the other one for?"
(Agency, Receptionist to Creative Director)

#149- "This internet is actually good"
(Client to Creative in casual meeting)

#148- "Can we do this but in a round browser?"
(Agency, Creative Director to his online team)

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Anonymous said...

LOL @ #148. and great blog, by the way!