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Friday, November 10, 2006

I need it 4 yesterday - delivery 54

#288- "Although happy with the service, we are considering putting our media buying work out to pitch."

#287- "In the rest room , we face two challenges."
(Client, Brand Manager, on developing markets for cleaning products)

#286- "We need to make our demo reel in HD. Can you send the websites in HD format?" - "Websites are made for computer screens, not HD." - "Well you have the sources for our sites, can't you re-render them in HD?"
(Client, Director of Sales, to Concept Artist)

#285- "Can we add sound effects? People love sound effects!"
(Client to creative team, after being presented a radio campaign)

#284- "Hey, is 44 kb good?" - "No it's really small" - "I don't understand, it's large on my screen andwhen i open it up it says 300 pixels"
(Agency, Creative Director, confusing pixels with DPI)

#283- "Tell him it doesn’t snow at any of the Hawaii properties, but maybe we can do the same effect with molten lava spews.”
(Agency, Designer to Project Manager, after the client forwards a link to a snow animation on a holiday website)

#282- "This is 11x17 and in camera format. Please have the artist put in true jpg format: 8.5x11"
(Client to Account Executive in reference to a JPG image)

#281- "The good news is, you have the weekend to work."
(Agency, Traffic to Creative Team)

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