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Thursday, November 02, 2006

I need it 4 yesterday - delivery 35

#170- "They asked for it in an ´.ai´ file." - "Well, you tell them that we are NOT an ´AI´ shop!"
(Agency, conversation between 2 Account Executives)

#169- "I don't like the colors, plum and black don't work together" - "But you're wearing them"
(Agency, Designer noticing Marketing Director wearing a black skirt and plum top)

#168- "But it's not winter. Can't you give him short sleeves?"
(Client, addressing cover photography with designer for a magazine)

#167- "Hey, you can export a webpage from Quark, right?"
(Agency, Account Executive, as if the print program had a ´make webpage´ button)

#166- "What project? I didn’t hear about that project. Oh, it was in my email. I don’t read my email."
(Agency, Creative to Account Executive)

#165- "10am meeting! I don’t even get up before 10am."
(Agency, Creative to Account Executive)

#164- "Where is the copywriter? He’s at the online session working on color."
(Agency, Account Executive to Traffic)

#163- "I can´t start until I see the creative brief. You gave me the brief?" - "Oh, I must have thrown it away."
(Agency, Creative to Account Executive)

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Anonymous said...

newsflash - quark can export a webpage.