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Monday, November 06, 2006

I need it 4 yesterday - delivery 47

#236- "Net or gross? I don't know what net and gross mean."
(Media, Newspaper sales representative to a media planner re: rates)

#235- "We haven’t even done a brochure for America and you’re doing one for another country!"
(Client to the creative team after seeing a brochure layout with greeked copy)

#234- "Please call me in an hour… but I will not answer because I am in a meeting"
(Agency, Client Service Director to Client)

#233- "Aaahh…you can work in Corel?"
(Agency, Account Executive to Art Director)

#232- "She’s a great writer but she needs to figure out which is more important to her: this account or that family thing."
(Agency, Partner regarding a copywriter’s performance)

#231- "Can you print out all of the online elements? The client wants to see how the colors will really look to the user."
(Agency, Account service to online account service)

#230- "What is that search bar at the top of the page? Can we do that?"
(Client to agency about a mock-up of a website with Google search in the header bar)

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Anonymous said...

There is too much of the Mother's nipple visible. I think breast feeding mothers will be offended by this.

- Client to Art Director.