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Friday, November 03, 2006

I need it 4 yesterday - delivery 40

#197- "These ads are all good. This one in particular is quite intriguing. But we’ve found that intrigue doesn’t work for us."
(Client, giving feedback)

#196- "We should not aim to be conceptual or creative."
(Agency, Account Executive on the brief)

#195- "This logo isn’t the right size." - "Well, I have the file open in Photoshop and the dimensions are correct." - "That can’t be right. I’m measuring it and it’s about an 1/8” too small." - "How are you measuring it?" - "I’m holding my ruler up to the monitor."
(Client and Agency, phone conversation reviewing a JPEG)

#194- "I don't think that's the colour of synergy"
(Agency, Senior Strategy VP to designer)

#193- "Is that Spanish?"
(Client, watching a draft with Lorem Ipsum placeholder text)

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