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Monday, November 06, 2006

I need it 4 yesterday - delivery 48

#243- "Can you make the cursive font more cursive?"
(Client to Art Director)

#242- "Can you redesign the business cards in Microsoft Word so we can change the names ourselves?"
(Client to Designer)

#241- "One of the images you used shows too much teeth... and people are put off by too much teeth."
(Agency, Account Executive to Designer)

#240- "Here's a picture of the frontdoor of my house. I designed it myself, back in the seventies. Could you incorporate the design in our new site?"
(Client briefing the Designer)

#239- "I know the lead agency is working on a new logo and colors, but next meeting I would already like to show the client the design of the new site."
(Agency, Account Executive to Designer)

#238- "You can't really touch the placing of all the information on the screen, everything has been researched and tested already. We want you to decide on the colour of the lines and dividers. They can be dark blue or black or whatever. That's up to you."
(Client's brief to Designer)

#237- "What took you so long to deliver the site designs? Oh, you made the wholesite? Did I ask for HTML? And normally you deliver us photoshop-templates? Oh well, HTML or PSD, it's all the same for me."
(Client's Head of Internet to Agency)


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