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Sunday, November 12, 2006

I need it 4 yesterday - delivery 55

#297- "Can we see theplane more from above in that shot?"
(Creative Director speaking to an editor of a TV spot)

#296- "Let me be frank." - "Fine. Be Frank or be Jeff but pick one face and stick with it."
(Agency, Account Executive turning on creative after earlier praising the work)

#295- "Today's time management seminar has been cancelled due to a scheduling conflict for (Agency President)

#294- "I hate to tell you but that idea's been done before." - "I know, but it was in England. Nobody's done it here so it's not stealing."
(Agency, Anonymous)

#293- "Unfortunately, everything for E-Commerce is at the bottom of the barrel currently as we have other things that are a higher priority."
(Agency, Creative Director to E-Commerce Marketing Director in weekly Traffic meeting)

#292- "Well, I love the general feel but I rather expected to have photos instead of these scribbles."
(Client, on showing hand-visualised mock-up of brochure)

#291- "Look, we can't get the horse in the elevator!"
(Agency, Account Director to Client)

#290- "I want to put a burger joint on the moon"
(Fast Food Client to Account Director)

#289- "We need you to resize the Portuguese and Spanish versions." - "I don’t think I ever did a Spanish version. I mean, I remember doing one in Mexican..."
(Agency, Art Director talking to a Retoucher)

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