Heath, The Ultimate Joker

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

I need it 4 yesterday - delivery 26

#128- “Make it wild but conservative!”
(Agency, Account Executive, to Art Director)

#127- “You’re going to rape every piece of crap on the shelf.”
(Client, Marketing Assistant, optimist about a colleague’s future product launch)

#126- “Before negotiating something, I practice in the shower“
(Client, Marketing Assistant)

#125- “There’s an X crossing the photo. When you send me the final art, it’s not going to be there, is it?”
(Client, Area Manager)

#124- “Let’s keep this in ´stand bike´.”
(Media, Writer, meaning ´stand-by´)

#123- “Can you please send me the logo in ´pectoral´?”
(Client, Advertising Head, meaning ‘vectorial’ for vector graphics)

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