Heath, The Ultimate Joker

Saturday, November 04, 2006

I need it 4 yesterday - delivery 42

#209- "My wife just remodeled our family room in burgundy and gray, I reallyliked that. Let's use those colors for the annual report."
(Client, Executive Director, to Designer)

#208- "Well, it’s OK. It’s just that we just want mediocre advertising. We don’t really want to stand out."
(Client, to Agency Team concerning new branding campaign presented)

#207- "An ad doesn't have to be memorable to be good"
(Agency, Associate Creative Director to a client in an effort to submarine a junior team's workcompeting with his own)

#206- "Can I get a hi-res file of the money shot to forward to the client? Will this be too big to email? Thanks."
(Agency, Account Executive to Designer)

#205- "Don’t be so clever. Not everyone gets double endondas."
(Agency Owner to Copywriter)

#204- "It just hangs there like a useless tit."
(Agency, Account Executive commenting on font choice)

#203- "I’m the one who sets the priorities around here, and my stuff is always at the top of the list."
(Agency Owner to Designer)


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