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Friday, November 03, 2006

I need it 4 yesterday - delivery 39

#192- "I don't like these business shots. He looks too euro-faggy."
(Agency Owner to Creative)

#191- "Can we make the whites whiter?" - "Not really, its NTSC white is 255 255 255." - "Yes, but can we make the Whites Whiter?"

#190- "Please shoot me a JPEG of that font"
(Client, asking designer for fonts for his computer)

#189- "The website is not printing. I can't see it!" - "What do you mean it won't print? Wait, are you talking about your monitor?" - "Yes, my printer is not displaying it"
(Client, asking Interactive Head about printers, monitors, websites...)

#188- "We have to get him to close his mouth" - "Can't you just photostock it shut?"
(Agency, Dog handler suggesting that Art Director photoshop the mouth closed on a dog during a dog food shoot)

#187- "What does the Red Cross logo look like?"
(Client to designer for health services logo)

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