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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

I need it 4 yesterday - delivery 50

#257- "That is too costly, my budgets are lower... instead of 'daily' can't I have the ad on 'alternate days' that'll reduce my budget by half?"
(Client, Managing Director to Agency Media Planner)

#256- "I think you need to adjust the 'kerneling' on the body copy."
(Client to Agency, talking about the spacing in the body copy)

#255- "Yeah, just make something fresh and new. Something like Enigma."
(Agency, Online Account Executive briefing a sound designer for a web pitch)

#254- "This brochure needs to be more literal, at the bottom of each page of the brochure add the words, `Turn Page`"
(Client, Brand Manager)

#253- "I think translating this piece to another language is a great idea in the future, but can you translate the Greek to English when we print it?"
(Client, same Brand Manager in response to the Lorem Ipsum)

#252- "If you host my site on the world wide web, does that mean that anyone anywhere in the world will be able to see it or will I have to pay extra?"

#251- "Concept 1 is approved. Although why don't you show me something that incorporates concept 1 with concept 3 and uses the headline from concept 2? Make the logo bigger like in concept 2 and the copy larger from concept 3. You guys did a great job, you are right on target with concept 1."
(Client, Brand Manager)


Anonymous said...

Kerneling ...HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA... Coconuts these days

velochicdunord said...

I have heard #251 soooooooooooooooooooo many times.....