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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

I need it 4 yesterday - delivery 52

#272-"Next time you two are going to do something conceptual could you let me know?"
(Print producer to creative team)

#271-"Should we really be spending 2 million dollars on this if the world is going to end?
(Client to Agency about launching a website right before the year 2000)

#270-"How many weeks are in a 13 week cycle?"
(Account Executive to Producer)

#269-"The colors for the cars on my screen are not matching the brochures when I hold them up, you need to get them closer to the brochure."
(Client to Designer)

#268-"What country is Denver in?"
(Agency, Web intern comment)

#267-"Um, in terms of casting, we were thinking a little more... um... urban."
(Client to Agency regarding casting of African Americans)

#266-"That looks great. But can you make the shadow fuzzier and exactly 3% more transparent on all 145 versions ?"
(Online Editor, after tape has been fedexed to distribution network)

#265-"In a perfect world, if there was no Christmas, when could we launch?"
(Client to Creative Director complaining about the production schedule because time set aside for the holidays and agency/office closures conflicted with their desired in-market date)


Anonymous said...

I've got one for you i had last week..

"It may help you to know that we have agreed that our corporate font will be Comic Sans MS."

Bare in mind that this was sent to me in windows blue comic sans..

I politely directed them to www.bancomicsans.com.

Anonymous said...

corporate font in comic sans? dear god...

Anonymous said...

Can you make the font size bigger?

Anonymous said...

Here's one from my client asking about production details of a book - "So, how long does it take to do the pagisation"?