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Monday, November 06, 2006

I need it 4 yesterday - delivery 49

#250- "I'm a channel agnostic" - "…a what? Oh, f... off with your stupid terms"
(Agency, Conversation between Media girl and Client)

#249- "All the tentacles of the communications octopus where in use"
(Agency, same Media girl)

#248- "I’ve raised it up the flagpole and rallied it again for London"
(Agency, same Media girl)

#247- "And even in absence of full ideas we should add 'delight' to the presentation where possible"
(Agency, same Media girl)

#246- "Let’s hit the media ´trifector´!"
(Agency, same Media girl meaning ´three awards in a row´)

#245- "We are zigging when the rest of the market is zagging..."

#244- "Sorry, that brief has fallen off the radar" - "This aint the f...ing cold war"
(Agency, Conversation between Account Executive and Client)

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kenny said...

So happy I found your site. I will be submitting!