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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

I need it 4 yesterday - delivery 51

#264- "The door sign has 2 sides: the back side is identical with the frontside, only it has`Close` on the verso."
(Agency, extracted from a brief)

#263- "I'm not an Art Director! I can't fold paper!"
(Client, PR Consultant while looking at a brochure layout he downloaded from an ftp site in pdf files)

#262- "It's not important if people listen to radio or not, it's how they listen to radio that's important"
(Media Rep to Media Planner)

#261- "We want it to sound like a brick hitting a parachute."
(Client to Audio Producer)

#260- "Is black a color?"
(Client to designer)

#259- "Does white count as a color?"
(Client referring to white paper while looking at a brochure)

#258- "That’s nice, but what happened to the online extension of the blue key visual?" - "Uh, we… we didn’t do that one. We did the red key visual only, because blue pixels are heavier to download."
(Conversation between Client and Art Director)

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